Here at Squelch, we have a few rules you need to follow. These rules keep our servers a safe, fair, and friendly place. If rules are ignored you could be warned or banned from all our servers. You can find out more about how our ban system works, and how to appeal to them here.

Network Wide Rules

You know this one 😀 It must be on every server you see. Please don’t use any kind of hacks/cheats on our servers. Doing so will mean you get a life perm ban from all our servers, without appeal. None of us want that!

There a lots of funky names on Stream & Epic. We don’t clamp down too hard on this rule, as what’s inappropriate can be subjective. Keep clear of any racist, homophobic, transphobic etc names and you’ll be fine.

We work hard to make sure there are no bugs or exploits in our servers. However, if you find one, please report it to staff or via our bug reports channel on discord. If you use the exploit without telling us, you will be banned.

Squelch is home to people for all walks of life. We’re just here to play games and chill. Please help keep our servers a friendly place.

Swearing is fine, just don’t spam it. Our chats don’t like it, they get sad.

Please don’t be rude to our staff, they cry very easily.

Any words like this are not welcome on Squelch. We know lots of people don’t see an issue with using words like this, and we’re not here to argue with that.  Different people have different views. We’re just here to play games. 

However, we would like you to respect that they’re not welcome here.