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We’re a multi-game network, building smooth stable servers, with friendly & welcoming communities.


Hello, its nice to meet you!

We’re Squelch, and we host public servers for a range of games. Our goal is to build fun online experiences and warm and welcoming communities. We want to build servers that are not only fast, smooth, and stable… but also offer something new to the player.

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Our Servers

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Normal PvE Ark with just a few tweaks. Running the Ragnarok Map.

Garry's Mod - TTT

TTT at its best. With a huge range of maps, addons, and cool content.

Garry's Mod - Murder

The classic Murder mode as you know it. Range of maps and additions..


Valheim as you know and love it. Its scary to go out there alone

Valheim - Modded

Valheim with a few additions, and tweaked to be less punishing.

Coming Soon

We’ll be growing the games and mods we offer server. Keep an eye!

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We’ve been around the game hosting game for a while, and also offer our own hosting service called, Kinetic Hosting. Here are Squelch we’re using the same high-end hardware and backend we offer to all our hosting client. 

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Ark servers kicking off May 30th!

Get ready, as its at last time for things to start kicking off over on Ark. Our all-new ark servers will be going live May 30th.We can't wait to see you over there!The new server wont be running mods, just a slightly tweaked base game. So you wont need to worry about...

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